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Photography allows me to be present for many of life’s precious moments, such as the birth of a new baby. I love babies! 

Meet the Taylor family. I photographed the first three of the Taylor children as newborns and nothing was going to keep me from photographing their newest addition – not even their move to Texas.

“Knowing Me, Knowing You”, sung by Abba, perfectly captures the feel of this newborn photoshoot. The older children have grown to be quite comfortable with me and it shows in the images captured during our time together. Playful smiles, natural poses, and even a few tears come naturally in front of my camera.

A tear or two keeps it real!

When in Texas…

A Happy Momma

Thank you Taylor family for allowing me to photograph your growing family!




March 23, 2021

How Sweet It Is To Be Part Of Your Legacy

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Our magnificent California beaches provide an ideal setting for capturing images you will treasure for years to come. Over time, the beach has become one of my favorite choices for photographing my clients because it highlights everyone in the best light.

Ideal Environment

The consistently mild temperatures along the coast keep everyone looking fresh throughout a photoshoot in both winter and summer. The golden glow of sunset behind the ocean provides great lighting. I also find clients relax, becoming almost playful, as the ocean’s water splashes at their feet. The payoff is lively and bright candid images.

Ideal Background

The clear background opens up clothing options since there is no worry about clashing with textures or detailed prints. Even with the perfect outfit, a photo can be ruined when a random object shows up in the background. Fortunately, editing out an unwanted item is easily done in a photo taken at the beach.

Ideal Results

At the end of the day it is all about stunning results. You want your images showing you and your loved ones looking your best from every angle. Whether you want photos to show off your California lifestyle or remember a favorite vacation along the coast, consider a beach setting for your next photoshoot. The beach is a perfect choice for wedding, engagement, proposal, and family photos.




February 25, 2021

3 Reasons A Beach Photoshoot Works