i love

These two boys you see in this photo might drive me up the wall, but I also cannot express my love for them in anyway, therefore, I take beautiful pictures of them so I can capture each stage of their life.  I love my boys and would not trade them for the world. 

Not to be forgotten, my husband is amazing. He is my biggest fan and has always believed in me.  Sure, he might get tired of me asking about which picture is better, but without his support I would not be taking photos.  Family is everything for me and I want you to be able to share the same joy in looking through photos that I do on a daily basis!  Let's talk!

hello. I'm Angie.


Baby Cuddles

California Sunshine

Home Sweet Home

For me, photography is how I can tell a story without using words.  It is the simplest form of expressing emotion and love.  It is a way we can reflect on the good in our lives and share in the happiness of others.

I do photography because it is what I truly love to do! I am very passionate about my work and I believe it shows through the images you will see. 

Let me capture your story. It will be one that you will want to keep retelling for years to come!

I believe capturing your precious memories can be done in a snap.

angie's Philosophy