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I failed, phew! It feels so good to say it out loud! I have been trying to blog since I can remember, Blogging was one of the thing that truly intimidated me about my business, I have been trying to have it all set up and ready to go since 2018. Trust me I know, I am not too proud, but I am very happy to finally be here, and have a space to express myself, and show my work exactly how I’d like it to be potraited.

So here goes my very first blog!

I chose this family to be the ones that represented my brand, first post! yay!!

Dana Point Family session,
A family of four, beach session in Dana Point.

We laughed, played, and had an amazing time, they were a dream come true for my brand!

When I photograph my clients, I want them to feel comfortable, that they can be themselves.

I want them to know that they hired me to represent them, and to portrait where they are in life, and capture the joy they are living in.
capture their love.

Their little ones as they are still little.

while they can still be picked up.

Thank you for reading this far, for taking this journey with me, and supporting me!


Much Love, Angie Klein


December 21, 2020

Dana Point Family Session

Dana Point Family session,